Elopements and small intimate weddings are becoming more of a trend because couples are finding out that you still can get married during a pandemic. Couples are making the hard decision on whether or not to reschedule their wedding or just cancel it until the situation gets better. Unfortunately, we are unable to see in to the future on how this will change the whole wedding industry. But there is a solution. The last couple of weeks I have been photographing micro weddings, intimate weddings, virtual weddings, or elopements. They are all the same meaning to me because the focus of the day was on the couple.

When talking with my couples, they stated that even though they were sad not to have their big wedding of their dreams, they are happy they did it this way. Most are planning a reception afterwards to help celebrate their wedding day but having their intimate wedding on their wedding day couldn’t have been any less meaningful than the wedding that they would have had if COVID didn’t happen.

What is an ELOPEMENT?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of elope is: “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent” ; “to slip away/ESCAPE” .

There are so many misconceptions nowadays on what it is to elope. I love the second meaning of the definition – to slip away; to ESCAPE. My definition to me are the couples that want to escape the norm. The norm of having a big, traditional wedding that doesn’t necessarily fit YOU as a couple. The whole day is an intimate celebration and spiritual connection about YOUR LOVEYOUR RELATIONSHIPYOUR COMMITMENT and the focus is solely on the two of you. I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to celebrate your day with just you two or even with close family and friends. This is still your wedding day and celebrating your union, just without the big fancy party. The focus of the day is solely on the two of you. You don’t need to worry about your Aunt Karen and her opinion of your decorations, or possibly another family member and their dietary restrictions, or pleasing your future in laws on venue choices or whom to invite. You simply are doing your day the way you both want to celebrate it without the additional stresses and still have your friends and family support your decisions all the way.

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Engagement Poses

During this weird COVID-19 time, you have to rethink on what is truly important to you as a couple. Planning a wedding can be very stressful and it seems like you are planning a party for your family and friends. You still can get married during a pandemic, you just have to be open to the idea of having a small intimate wedding that the whole day is planned on how YOU BOTH want to celebrate it.

Myths About Elopements

  1. Elopements are not as special as a wedding.
    • OHHHHH MY GOODNESS – nooooo! They are just as meaningful and just as special as a traditional wedding. You may not have all the aspects of a traditional wedding but it doesn’t mean you can’t have those either. This is your day and you decide what will be included in your day to make it special. The whole day is yours as a couple to spend it how you want it to be.
  2. How long of coverage do I need?
    • Most couples think that they only need the ceremony and a few photos afterwards taken. OHHHHH honey, this is your WEDDING DAY! Wouldn’t you want it documented to relive your day over and over again? I had one bride hire me for 2 hours to document the ceremony and a few photos after. She thought by having an elopement (no more than 10 guests) that it wasn’t important to capture anything else. Later I found out that there were special moments shared between her and her daughter that she wished I had captured. I want to document the entire experience for you so you can relive those special moments.
    • Let me ask you this: IF you could do ANYTHING for your wedding, how would your whole day look like? Check out an example of a multiple day wedding.
  1. Do I Have To Hike For An Elopement?
    • Nope! You can do whatever your little heart desires! If you don’t want to hike and you absolutely love the city – let’s do an Urban Elopement. You want the epic views but don’t want to hike? Let’s hire a private driver to get as close to the summit as possible. I have a few places in mind!
  1. Are Elopements Just Us Two?
    • It doesn’t have to be. You can invite your closest family and friends to partake in your wedding day. My definition of elopement or intimate weddings are no more than 30 guests. I feel if the numbers get too big, you start to lose the focus on what you want to do. The shift can happen to where you are focus on pleasing the people you invited. Intimate weddings and elopements are about the activities you two want to do to make this day meaningful to you both.

Still Deciding?

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