One of my brides asked me if I would be interested in doing a wedding day boudoir session on her wedding day. She was thinking right after hair and makeup while her hair and makeup artist worked on the bridesmaids and mother of the bride. We decided to do the session in the tool shed on Abbey Road Farm. Now, if you ever had gone out there and visited the farm either for a wedding or wine tasting, you will know that this isn’t a typical tool shed. It’s beautifully decorated with so many different materials adorning the space – tin/metal, dark wood, leather, and so much natural light. This space is a photographer’s dream space and has really got me thinking of having my own studio space similar to the look of the space. I already have it pictured in my mind how I would have it played out for headshots, personal branding, boudoir, portraits, maternity, ohhhhh endless possibilities! It actually makes me giddy to think that this may be a new service I will be adding to my wedding collections. If you are interested in adding a wedding day boudoir session, contact me and let’s talk about it!

OKAY, back to the session. We incorporated her soon to be husband’s favorite drink – Bailey’s and coffee. We didn’t want to do anything too risqué since the tool shed had plenty of windows with no curtains and her parents were at the venue. She warned everyone that we were doing this so not too go towards the tool shed. LOL. I brought sheer curtains to hopefully to provide privacy but I ain’t tall enough to get it done. Tee hee.

We both had a load of fun doing these photos. We giggled and had a blast and looking forward to providing this service to future couples. These wedding day boudoir would be a great gift to your partner for your anniversary or just because. You don’t need to do a boudoir session just on your wedding day. Inquire on a private session to really empower your stunning self. I will make the session fun, safe, and absolutely amazing.