A mini engagement photo session are quick 20-30 minutes session as opposed to a full engagement session which could be 1-2 hours long. But having any engagement photo session whether it’s the mini or full session will benefit you and your photographer.

There are several different reasons why I love these photo sessions and why I do them. Here are the top five reasons on why I offer these valuable engagement sessions.

  1. Get to know my process flow. By signing up for one of my mini engagement photo session, it offers the opportunity to get first hand experience of my process flow. You will have the opportunity to get a taste of my communication style and how my sessions works.
Engagement Poses
  1. Let’s see if we jive together! It’s so important that we connect! I will be with you practically the WHOLE day and it’s important that we both really like each other.
Minto Brown Engagement
  1. Poser! You could be an expert poser! LOL. You will have an opportunity to do a few of the poses that you will be doing on your wedding day. That way you practice the poses and/or tell me the poses you don’t like to do. It also provides the opportunity for you to feel a little more relax and comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t forget to check my other blog posts to check out other couples poses.
Engagement poses
  1. Build trust in your finished photography. Wedding photography is one of the biggest investment and since it takes up to 8 weeks to get your photos, you can only imagine how they will turn out. Having the engagement photo session will ease your mind. You will be able to see the stunning portraits and have a clearer sense of what kind of images your photographer can create for you and that will allow you to relax and know that you are sure to love your wedding photos as well! 
Smith Rock engagement shoot
  1. Photos! You have a beautiful gallery of photos to use for your engagement announcements or even on your wedding invitations. You can also use it throughout your wedding as thank you gifts, guestbooks and/or even your wedding website!

If you are getting married or eloping, let’s talk and see if we connect! Fill out my contact form today before the wedding season books! I only take a limited number of weddings and limited number of elopements a year.