What a perfect Oregon day to be doing an Opal Creek Wilderness engagement session! Sami, Isaiah, and I drove around the area stopping at any place that looked beautiful and with no people around. This 20,000+ acre wilderness provided an array of areas that was perfect for the nature loving, outdoorsy couple. I did forget that it was Memorial Day weekend and Phase 1 of reopening of Oregon, that it was pretty busy. Any where that we would have gone would have been busy. Oregonians were itchin’ to be outdoors and that weekend was perfect to enjoy the beautiful sun and fresh air!

Sami & Isaiah were a blast to photograph for their engagement session. Here is just a few great things about them:

What do you like to do for fun?

“We like to cook/ bake together, go on trips and explore new places, eat food together, go hiking, watch movies, go to concerts..”

How did you two meet?

“We met in cooking class in High school, I was a sophomore and Isaiah was a junior.”

The Spark

There was a “spark” from the beginning when we were in the same cooking class. We were seated near each other and connected very quickly. We both felt comfortable and happy around each other, it was like we had already been friends for years. That summer, he ended up asking me to be his girlfriend on a Ferris wheel, it was so sweet. It felt so easy and natural to be with each other, as it still does today.

The proposal

“It was our six year anniversary together and we had decided to both take off work to go to our favorite beach for the day. We had a great morning eating breakfast together and giving gifts, then we were off to the beach. We got to the beach and the weather was gorgeous so we walked around, breathed in the sea air and admired the ocean waves. Then we went to one side of the beach and Isaiah suggested we take a couple pictures together. So we set up my sandals as a stand for our phones and started with mine and took a few pictures. Then he set up his phone and what I thought, took a few pictures as well.

After posing for a picture, he takes my hands and begins to tell me how happy he is that we have been together for 6 years, and how much he loves me. Then before I know it he is down on one knee, and with the most beaming smile he asks me if I will marry him. I replied with a resounding YES! and we were both fell into each others arms in shock and so happy. As it turned out, when Isaiah set up his phone to “take a few pictures”, he had set it to video so he could capture the special moment on camera. It was such an amazing day that we will remember forever.” -Sami

Don’t forget to keep checking back for their actual wedding day blog at The Willows in Dallas, Oregon! It’s going to be stunning just like this Opal Creek Wilderness engagement session!

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