OHHH I am having so much fun with the lens. I wanted a nice macro lens to add to my ever growing collection of lenses. Since I have no clue on where to begin, I asked my photographer group on what lens to purchase to be used for newborn photography as well as ring shots for wedding and engagement sessions. After the numerous response, I kept seeing my group say the Tokina AT-X 100mm f/2.8 PRO D Macro Lens so I started my research. It got great reviews. I went back to the group to close the discussion and noticed that more people chimed in with the Sigma 105mm. There I go again, more research. I found this site: DXOMark compared the Tokina 100mm vs Nikon 105mm vs Sigma 105mm. Here is the link:  Of course, Nikon beat them all but the Tokina and Sigma came real close with Tokina coming in 2nd.  Unfortunately, the Nikon is twice as much as the Tokina and Sigma was reasonably priced but still a little more expensive than the Tokina. I opted for the Tokina and really like it. I got the lens from Amazon. Click here to grab this amazing lens.

Still practicing with it but here is just a couple shots of my wedding ring. What do you think? Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what else I take pictures with this new lens. Would try a bug but I don't like bugs. I will stick with flowers and plants.


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