Updated: Jul 18, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany and Brett on a beautiful May day in Central Oregon. We hit the DD Ranch and Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne, Oregon. These two places made the most absolute STUNNING portraits ever! Her dress was a blush pink gorgeous sparkly dress that she picked up from Macy's. I loved her dress so much that I went looking for the same dress online and couldn't find it. Oh bum!

Tiffany and Brett got engaged on February 22, 2018 and read on more about their story.


Brett and I both went to a country dance bar called Bushwackers in Tualatin, Oregon. I had started going in December of 2016, Brett had been going for a couple years. I was obsessed with going to the dance lessons every Thursday & Friday nights and in addition would YouTube teach myself dances at work and home. My favorite dance was doing the Horseshoe alone. The Horseshoe is a pattern partner dance, but can be done solo, and I preferred to do it solo.

One Saturday night after doing the Horseshoe alone, he asked me to dance- I told him I wasn't very good, and I wasn't, but he was encouraging, positive and smiley the whole time, he asked me to dance three times that night. I was so into the dancing my mind wasn't anywhere else, I was used to dancing with people and moving on, I was in my own little world.

Fast forward two weeks, I'm walking to go outside for a break, and he leans over his entire group of friends "Tiffany!" ... I knew his face, but could not remember his name. I felt terrible. He was understanding, positive and smiley as usual. We ended up both going outside and talking for a couple hours about everything under the sun, completely forgetting where we were or that we were both missing a lot of dancing. It was just easy and enjoyable talking and just being there. I felt like I knew him, could trust him, but still thinking of him as a friend/potential dance partner. My mind was not on romance at all. ~Tiffany


He pursued me and talked to me for a few weeks without me realizing he was interested in a relationship. I felt we were completely different. He was always positive, a good Christian guy who never smoked, drank or cussed, I was the opposite. I was negative and bitter about relationships and they just weren't on my radar at all. He practically had to spell it out that he was interested in a relationship with me, and it took a long time for my walls to come down and actually believe that this guy could be interested in me. :)

The first five and a half months of our relationship were spent long distance with him being in Bend, and me in Canby. In that time, we saw each other only on the weekends. He would drive three hours after work every Friday to spend the weekend and leave to drive another three hours on Sunday nights. We talked on the phone, used Marco Polo Video Chat and would text pretty much all day every day, and we never got bored, jealous or worried. It's always been easy being with each other. Easy to trust, easy to talk, easy to just be with. I've never felt a love like the love I feel with and for him. ~Tiffany


Their colors are Dusty Rose, Ivory & Champagne. Rustic Themed. Bride & Groom to wear cowboy boots. Wine barrels, lace, burlap, drapery, hanging lights. Romantic but fun atmosphere. Kids galore! Yard Games.

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