Updated: Jun 27, 2018

I'm sitting here watching a movie on TV and a commercial comes on about some amazing product that can make you lose so much weight with no effort. What?!?! That's not the case with Scott. He is on the fast track to losing weight through hard work. He eats right and works out. I'm so very proud of him. 

Scott needed new pictures of the new him for his business cards. I was up for the challenge. I wanted to try my new lights for the first time so I packed everything and hauled it to his house. I'm a natural light photographer so I was a little intimidated by my setup but it worked. I couldn't figure out how to use my Skenonic light meter so I bagged it and started to try different settings on the camera. I took what I learned from my 1 night of lighting class and did a pretty good job. My pictures turned out sharp so I was happy. 

Here is my setup:

The window wasn't enough to light him so we set up the lights. We couldn't go outside because the winds were so strong and the lighting outside was too harsh. So, here it is. We set up studio portrait strobe lights, one with a soft box and one with a silver lined umbrella. We had a white background on the background stands. We tried the chair but I didn't like the back of the chair so we switched to his ottoman. 

We took quite a few pictures. Here are is preview of some of the pictures that we took. There are more to come and will post the final picture chosen for his cards. Go check it out on Facebook or Instagram.

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