I had this vision in my head for so long and couldn't wait to make this a true reality. I'm so glad I did it! I searched pretty long for this dress. The only dress that I could find was a maternity dress with this gorgeous long train. I ordered the dress from an Etsy shop - Agneshka Maternity I asked her to close the split since my model was not pregnant and was not going to be used for a maternity shot. Unfortunately, it didn't come that way and the split was all the way up towards the bosoms. LOL. OHHH the bosoms. The material that covers the boobs was pretty thin. Unless if you wear pasties, the boobs would have shown. Something my model wasn't willing to do. My beautiful models was one of the couples I shot their wedding in Dallas, Oregon so they weren't willing to do anything risky as in clothing wise and I'm not that kind of photographer. I can't even do boudoirs so imagine looking at this dress and thinking this isn't going to work - but the train! The train was what I wanted!!! Another search had to happen either as a replacement (but didn't want to spend another $$ for another dress to be made), have it sewn up (it would have looked funny and wasn't quite sure how close I was going to be to her to photograph them), or find something under the dress. Voila! Under the dress! I started scouring the Facebook Marketplace for a red dress. I know I needed a dress similar to the color and something that will work as under the dress. I found it and it only cost me $5!!!!! Perfect color and perfect fit and it worked! Can you tell it's 2 dresses! Man, I'm pretty darn clever.

The flowers were a combination of flowers picked up from the Saturday market and Safeway - yes Safeway. My daughter Makaila and I YouTube how to make a bouquet and we tried it. The bouquet was so heavy but I wanted it big so it was showy for this photoshoot. I had to carry it up misery ridge and I'm so glad Scott was with me because I don't think I could carry my camera and this bouquet. LOL.

Well Peter and Elita did fantastic. Honestly, I think I might have to use them again on another photoshoot! They are so stunning and they can hike up Smith Rock like it was nothing. Glad they had the patience to wait for me to trek up the darn rock to make it to the tippy top to get these great shots! Enjoy! If I had pictured your wedding - you have a chance to get another opportunity to do a photoshoot!

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