OH LOOK AT THAT RED HAIR! I have known Paige since the day she was born and man she has grown in to such a beautiful lady inside and out. 

When I picked her up from her house, her first location she chose was the sunflower field located in Hillsboro.  What a great field! I have never seen so many sunflowers in my life and it was so picturesque that I want to do all kinds of portrait sessions there!

The fires that were happening in the Columbia Gorge and Black Butte in Central Oregon created such a haze and a bright red sun that it made quite an effect on pictures that day. The red sun was pretty high up in the sky that it really accentuated Paige's red hair even at the second location at Cooper Mountain in Beaverton. But as you can tell the pictures still turned out beautiful. How can it not when Paige is STUNNING.

OH did you look at her eyes?!? The day we did her shoot, I swear they were blue-ish in color. But going through her pictures, the camera picked it up as green with flecks of gold/brown. They are STUNNING!

Paige loves softball and cooking. I asked her what her plans were after high school and I believe she may take up some sort of culinary school? I know she loves to bake and she is fantastic at it too so I know she would do well in that field. Whatever she plans to do, I know she will be successful.  Good luck Paige and it was an honor to take your pictures!

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