I have met the most wonderful, funny couple from Nebraska. They vacation in Lincoln City often and they contacted me looking to get some fun engagement pictures instead of their typical "selfies" they take when they are vacationing. These two lovely ladies were STUNNING and rocked their engagement session in Pacific City, Oregon. They wanted something fun and super casual during sunset. We tried to capture as many sunset pictures before the sun disappeared behind Cape Kiwanda.


"We met online unfortunately. Danielle contacted me. I saw she was 3.5 hours from where I lived and I was like...um...but went with it. So glad I did!!! We finally met a month later and now here we are!" - Michelle


We enjoy working in the yard, we like gardening. spending time with our families and our 5 dogs and 2 chickens. We love going to Oregon in the summer.


"I (Michelle) knew we were meant to be because i could just feel it. We texted back and forth for a month without even hearing each others voice, even while at work. We honestly texted non stop except for a few hours each night while we slept. I ended up getting carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and had to have a double surgery. I know it was from texting that much!!! It was well worth it though!!! I play softball and get nervous everytime she is there because i don't want to mess up. I hate to be away from her and i used to love sleeping alone...i no longer do. I know God intended for us to be together and i believe God knew Danielle was going to be the one for me the moment i was conceived.

I ( Danielle) I felt a spark pretty much the very first time we started talking, it was crazy!! We couldn't get enough of each other, and we still can't. I truly believe that God has one person out there for you, and there is no doubt Michelle is mine. I still get butterflies when I see her. We love to laugh together, she makes me laugh on a daily basis, we just get each other!"


We had a trip planned to Colorado in 3/2018. Michelle thought we were going just to get away for a few days, little did she know I was nervously planning to propose to her. I ( Danielle) have 3 kids and I asked them first, they were all very excited, they love Michelle. I also got her parents blessing, I took my 2 oldest daughters with me. Her parents were very supportive and loved that I wanted their blessing before i asked her, it meant a lot to them!

I wasn't for sure where in Colorado I was going to propose. I tried so many times to ask her, and got nervous. Finally we climbed a mountain at around 10,000 elevation and once we reached the frozen waterfall, Michelle fell and It scared me because I thought the ice was going to break, so after that I said this is it, I'm doing it now lol. I pulled the rings out of my pocket , she had a feeling I was going to ask her, and I started to get down on one knee and she wouldn't let me, she started laughing, she was so cute!! So I asked her and the rest is history, of course she said yes and we both laughed and cried together. It was pretty NEAT.


We are wanting a small family wedding at our church in Lincoln, Nebraska. We have no date set, at this time. We are unsure of a date, at this time so we put the year 3000 lol.

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