I have known Donovan all his life. He's only 2 years old. LOL. He's my cousin's son and he is an absolute doll. I grew up with his mother and have watched Mychal grow from an infant to a strappin' adult with a child of his own. It's so neat to watch our families grow and watching my grand-cousins (? Is that what we call them?) grow as well.   What amazes me is that all my cousins, nieces, and nephews that I have known since infancy are now having kids of their own. I'm so blessed to be alive and to be able to watch them all grow up.

Mychal and Ate Aces (Ate is a title we give older cousins, siblings, etc in the Philippines. Mychal calls me Ate Jennifer) wanted to get pictures of Donovan. They chose the Oregon zoo and so glad they did. I enjoyed going to the zoo as much as Donovan. There were not much people there probably because it was the middle of winter that we went. Glad it didn't rain and it was actually a nice day. The overcast day made some great pictures of this rambunctious boy. 

Enjoy the pictures! Leave a comment down below if you have ever had a photo shoot at the zoo. Would love to see your pictures!

Look! He's mid-air!!

To learn more about the Oregon Zoo, click here.

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