Wedding Dress, shoes and veil

This weekend was supposed to be a weekend to go to a workshop and learn more about different studio lights and how to use my new light meter but unfortunately the class got cancelled. What did I do instead? I set up my front living room and started working with detail pictures. I had so much fun that I plan to do more of these while planning my own wedding. Yes, ladies, I'm getting married. Getting married, setting up appointments for Senior pictures (I know already super excited!!!) and hopefully booking small elopement type weddings that this is going to be a busy year for me. OHHHH, I'm so excited!Now you can see my vision of my wedding unfold throughout the months. I'm excited to have booked my wedding photographer for my wedding. I scoured to find the right person to help my vision come true that I actually will be booking 2 different photographers! One has already been booked for the ceremony but the second one is a destination bridal shoot that we are working on details of.

My first picture that I started working on, I noticed a tiny detail that I absolutely hated. Can you see it?

Wedding shoes and brides ring

I'm so particular about my pictures that I redid the set up and took the pictures again. Here is what I saw:

YIKES! My eyes are completely drawn to that.

To me, it's pretty distracting. Now that you see what I see, it's distracting huh? Well, here is the final picture.


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