Gosh, Saturday was the absolute perfect day! We had rescheduled the Cathedral Park engagement session a few times already due to rain. It was a beautiful, Spring Oregon day at a whopping 67 degrees and the sun just hitting it right. Everybody was out having picnics, playing games, and tons of other photographers taking engagement session, Senior sessions, couples and more! I wouldn’t blame them!! Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon is the perfect place to do it at. I have photographed this area before. I did a wedding day first look at the park. Go check out the blog here.

Paris and Jordan met me at the park for beautiful golden hour photos. We arrived a couple of hours prior to sunset since we didn’t for sure know the forecast. They said sun but Oregon can be unpredictable and no sun means no golden hour sun engagement pictures. Not a big deal because Paris just got her hair and makeup trial done so she was absolutely beautiful. We had so much fun walking all around the park and taking pictures. Check it out below after reading a few fun facts about them.

What do you like to do for fun?

“We love to go out to different breweries and restaurants just as much as we love having game nights with our friends and family. We spend a lot of our free time with our families, mainly playing board/card games due to COVID restrictions. But once those are lifted we plan on finding more pizza places and breweries!!” – Paris and Jordan

How did you two meet?

“We met online. Our first date was at Double Mountain Brewery and that’s how pizza became our thing. Many dates following that were exploring different pizza spots around town.” – Paris and Jordan

The Spark

“I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Jordan when we first cooked together. Something about the solitude of us cooking a meal together felt so warm and right. Neither of us are phenomenal cooks, but we just mesh in the kitchen together. Jordan said he knew when we took a trip to Bend. I’m not sure what it was but that was our first vacation together so it’s really special.” -Paris

The proposal

“We had been talking about getting engaged for a little while and had been looking at rings so we both knew it would come eventually. I joked with him that I would say no if he asked before our 1 year anniversary. My birthday is a week after our anniversary and he took me out for a nice dinner and ended with a beautiful walk along the river. I was SURE he was going to pop the question that night. But NOPE, nothing. So then I really wasn’t sure when it was going to happen.

About 2 weeks later we had no plans and decided to take a trip to the McMenamins in Kalama. Had lunch and drinks in their beautiful lounge then went on a walk down to the little beach on the river. There were lots of people out so we were wearing our masks (COVID safety!!) then I jumped up on a log and was walking along side Jordan. Taking his hand to jump down and he turned to me with the ring in his hand. I had to pull my mask down so he could get the full affect of how shocked I was! I cried and he has to ask if that meant I was saying yes. “YES!” I told him as I was laughing and crying at the same time.

This was all followed by calls to our families, none of which knew expect my father! How sweet he asked first.” – Paris

Their Wedding

Don’t forget to keep checking back for their December wedding day blog at The Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom! It’s going to be stunning just like this Cathedral Park engagement session!

If you are getting married or eloping in Oregon, let’s talk and connect! Contact me today before the wedding season books! I only take a limited number of weddings and limited number of elopements a year.

Cathedral Park engagement session
Cathedral Park engagement session
Cathedral Park engagement session