Mykayla and Jake were the winner of my contest for a free couple session at Santiam Pass. I had a specific area in mind and needed a couple to take pictures so why not create a contest? We did the contest via Instagram and we got so many wonderful submissions! My daughter Alesia had taken all the submissions, entered it in to an app, and randomly chose a winner. She was able to broadcast it live on IG and wished that I had saved the story! That way you can see Alesia’s uber cute reaction because she knows the couple from working at Dutch Brothers.

Mykayla and Jake drove up from Corvallis and met Alesia and I at my home. We all hopped in my car and started the drive up the pass. The day couldn’t have been any prettier with the snow and sun! I decided to turn off the main road to see if we can get a view of Mt. Jefferson. We did hit several feet of snow where if I pushed it, we would have gotten stuck. I was not prepared with a shovel or anything so we backed up and turned around. Bummer. I know that road has gorgeous views of Jefferson so I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t make it. I know my car’s limits so with great sadness we headed back down to the main road.

B&B Complex Fire

We hit the little area I was thinking of. The area has a small kiosk talking about the B&B Complex fire. The fire burned close to 91,000 acres of wilderness in 2003 and you can still see remnants of the fire today. It doesn’t have a “park name” so I can’t link the place we did the shoot at. To read more about the fire, click here or read about the Statesman Journal’s B&B Complex fire news story. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Check out their couple session at Santiam Pass and see how utterly cute these two are!

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