Embarking on an elopement at Hug Point State Park in Arch Cape, Oregon, offers an unparalleled coastal adventure that combines stunning landscapes with a waterfall and enchanting forest settings. Only 5 miles South of the famous Cannon Beach, you will love this small and unique beach for your intimate elopement. As an experienced elopement photographer, I’m excited to share valuable, helpful tips and tricks for eloping at Hug Point. From checking permits and tide charts to timing your day and finding the perfect accommodation, let’s dive into essential information that will make your Hug Point elopement an unforgettable experience.

  • Checking Permits and Regulations: Before you exchange vows at Hug Point, it’s important to ensure you comply with any necessary permits or regulations. Visit the official Oregon State Parks website to inquire about special use permit requirements for ceremonies or photography sessions. By staying informed and obtaining the necessary permits, you can enjoy your elopement without any unexpected interruptions.
  • Understanding the Tides: Hug Point’s tide conditions play a crucial role in the accessibility and safety of the area especially to the waterfall and the actual Hug Point landmark. Check tide charts for your desired elopement date to ensure you can explore and access the area without any concerns. Aim for low tide or a few hours before to have ample time for your ceremony and capture breathtaking photos against the coastal backdrop. Your elopement photographer will work with you regarding your elopement schedule, the lighting, and the tide to maximize your time for photos.
  • Timing Your Day: Consider the time of day when planning your Hug Point elopement. Both sunrise and sunset offer unique atmospheres and incredible lighting conditions for your photos. Sunrise elopements grant you a serene and secluded experience, while sunset elopements bathe the coast in warm golden hues. Decide on the mood and ambiance you desire and plan your ceremony and photography accordingly. A good elopement photographer, like myself, will help you with your schedule.
  • Finding Accommodation: While Hug Point itself doesn’t offer overnight accommodations, you’ll find a range of options in nearby towns and cities such as Cannon Beach. Consider staying in charming coastal towns like Cannon Beach or Arch Cape, which offer a variety of accommodations, including cozy cottages, beachfront rentals, and boutique hotels. If you go South on Hwy 101, you will hit cute towns such as Rockaway and Tillamook. Booking your stay in advance ensures you have a comfortable and convenient base for your elopement adventure.
  • Oregon Coast Weather: Hand in hand with timing, the Oregon Coast weather is unpredictable so it’s important to be prepared for various conditions during your Hug Point elopement. Flexibility in your elopement schedule is crucial when dealing with weather uncertainties. Even during the short summer months that we get in Oregon, it can be windy, cold, foggy, misty, sunny, clear blue skies, and rain. We get it all. Keep an eye on the forecast leading up to your elopement day and consider adjusting your plans accordingly. Cloudy skies can create a moody and dramatic ambiance for your photos, so embrace the unique atmosphere the weather brings.

Final Thoughts

Eloping at Hug Point, Oregon, promises an enchanting coastal adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime. With these helpful tips and tricks for eloping at Hug Point, you’ll navigate the logistics of permits, tide charts, timing, and accommodations with ease. As you plan your Hug Point elopement, don’t forget to savor every moment and embrace the natural beauty that surrounds you. This awe-inspiring destination will serve as the perfect backdrop for your intimate celebration of love.

Remember to reach out to me for personalized assistance in capturing your Hug Point elopement. Together, let’s create magical memories that you’ll treasure forever. Contact me today! I take limited number elopements in the Pacific Northwest.