What a perfect location to do this Salmon River Trail engagement session! I have not been out to this trail that I can remember and I’m so glad I did. This forest was rich with diverse locations to get all these wonderful pictures of my stunning couple!

Breanna and Kevin were so authentic with their love that it showed in their pictures. I had a blast photographing these two that I was with them on the trail for 2 hours. We had so much fun!

Here is just a few great things about them:

What do you like to do for fun?

“We both love the outdoors and do enjoy getting out to fish, hike, camp, and canoe. We also love live music and get togethers with friends/family. Recently, we have done some disc golfing. Kevin has done quite a bit but I have recently started to join in as well.” – Breanna

How did you two meet?

“Kevin and I met about 13 years ago in Reno actually through a mutual friend. We were both attending college at UNR in Reno, NV. We were friends for numerous years where we casually had a relationship at times. Around 2014 or 2015, I was living in Virginia and Kevin was living in a small rural town in Nevada. I had the opportunity to move to Portland for work. We started talking about how we could work out as a couple. In 2016 Kevin decided to make a career change and become an electrician. He chose a program up here so that we could give this a shot…..and here we are now lol.” – Breanna

The Spark

“I remember when I realized Kevin was not like any other guy I had met. It was actually on the second or third time we hung out. Kevin also has felt that I was different than other girls he had met early on. Both of us were not ready yet for a serious relationship with the potential for marriage as an outcome. The spark only grew into a full blown fire as the years progressed. Each time we would see each other we would realize how special the other person was. We got to a point (I think pretty mutually) where we realized we were each others soulmate. We didn’t want to risk not going for it.” -Breanna

The proposal

“Oh this is soooooo good lol. We were on a family trip to Europe (with my parents and sister) in March of this year. Before all this covid stuff really started to explode. In Barcelona, Spain and decided to get away for a special dinner just for the two of us. We found an amazing restaurant to have wine and paella. While sitting out on their balcony, we watched the foot traffic below. After dinner, we were near the Barcelona Cathedral, and Kevin recommended we walk back over there to see it at night with the lights. It was more beautiful than anything I had seen before! This beautifully lit Gothic style church with hardly anyone around, yet there was someone in the distance signing opera. We went up to the front doors to see it closer. Kevin asked if I would like to come back to this place for an anniversary. I turned around to find him down on one knee with a ring up in the air. It was amazing!” – Breanna

Don’t forget to keep checking back for their actual wedding day blog at The Troutdale House in the gorge! It’s going to be stunning just like this Salmon River Trail engagement session!

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