Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon was a popular place for photographers. This particular day was no different.

Skyler and Avery had their first look at Cathedral Park. It’s such a pretty park and a pretty day that there were so many people getting their pictures done. I saw couples being photographed, high school senior, and landscape fanatics. Avery was running a little late so we started with Skyler and the groomsmen pictures. We found this cool sculpture and building in the park and started there.

I saw Avery trekking up the hill with her bridesmaids when we got done with the guys’ pictures. She looked so beautiful in her dress, her hair, and that bouquet! So fitting for the classic, vintage look. I absolutely loved it!

We got positioned to do the first look. I had poor Avery climb up the stairs to go down back down to tap Skyler on the shoulder and to take her beauty in.

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